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What to do at the Malaga Day Fair? Posted on 10 Aug 13:51 , 0 comments

The middle of August arrives and if we are lucky enough to have a few days of vacation, the best option that can be chosen throughout the country is undoubtedly the Malaga Fair.
There are two versions of this event, the fair during the day and the one at night. The day fair is an afternoon in the streets of the city center. The one at night takes place in the real, a huge fairground full of booths.
We strongly opted for the Day Fair. At night, apart from the fact that the body may already be out of battery, more teenagers come out and people go a little too old.
In the daytime fair, multiple experiences are fused that will delight the traveler, being able to enjoy the best gastronomy and the liveliest party, all together with very nice people, which will make you want to repeat every year you can.

Where to stay

Make your accommodation reservation months in advance. The hotel rooms are full in Malaga during the fair and prices are unattainable if we wait too long. Try to stay as close to the historic center as possible.

What to wear

At that time in Malaga the temperature is really hellish on the street. The ideal is to wear comfortable clothes and shoes, nothing to be dressed too neat or you will regret it. With shorts and a T-shirt or polo shirt is great. Better wear light clothes because sweating is totally safe.
Complement with sneakers, something closed and breathable since you can get drunk or they can step on you. Take your mobile for your photos or if you get lost, probably also.
Do not forget a small wallet where you can carry the essentials, we recommend dixtinta (www.dixtinta.com) you can carry your coins, cards and bills in a mini wallet, you will not even notice it. In order not to limit your comfort, it is essential to carry a small and comfortable wallet.
All excess baggage is paid for at the fair. As an optional complement a fan to alleviate the heat a bit.

We started with beers and wines

An ideal day at the Malaga fair starts at 1:00 p.m. It is time to go to the vicinity of the busy Calle Larios to see the atmosphere and have a few beers. An original option is the old Casa de Guardia (www.antiguacasadeguardia.com), where we can taste a variety of Malaga wines. Its barrels and its wooden bar will immerse us in a very authentic environment.

Where to eat

It is time to enjoy a good meal, this in Malaga is very simple.
I recommend going to a quality site since in the end the final price of the account may be similar. My preference is to start the afternoon at Los Mellizos (www.losmellizos.net), located behind Calle Larios. I recommend booking since on fair days all the restaurants are full. Be sure to ask for concha fina (a typical mollusk of the area, similar to a clam).
A compulsory tasting is a malagueña fritter, my favorites are the chanquetes. In the restaurant they make an exquisite frying, free of oil and that puts the product at its exact point, absolutely delicious. If the pocket allows it, the red prawn or the Iberian ham are good staples. The white wine of the house is an extraordinary wheel and it will facilitate that the bill is moderate.
It is important to have a good food base in our stomach, which is essential because the afternoon is going to be long, very long!


After eating we can get lost in the streets and squares surrounding Larios, all full of people and music everywhere. It is time to mix and meet people and have fun, I assure you that you will be surprised by the amount of different people that can be met in a single afternoon.
The atmosphere is impressive and the funniest situations happen non-stop. I assure you that it hooks. Just be spontaneous and let yourself go. The feeling that you will have throughout the afternoon is of floating, since the day takes you from one place to another without you barely deciding where.
Then we go up Calle Larios to the Plaza de la Constitución. We can't stop drinking a glass of Cartojal. This typical wine is a sweet white produced by Malaga Virgen and has a very original pink label with white polka dots, here a selfie for friends is a must! Be careful with the Cartojal, it is very easy to drink, but it can take its toll.
When it is 6:30 p.m. I recommend going into a disco, since at 7:00 p.m. they begin to clean all the streets and the party continues under cover inside the pubs in the center. If we wait for that moment we have to queue, it is better to come in early to be stamped and if you want to go back to the mud. For this last phase of the afternoon I recommend Liceo, a disco pub with 3 floors and original decoration. Another option is the Gold room. Now it is time to burn the ships and use up the energy and money that we have left in our small wallet.
If we look strong we can go to the real to the night fair for dinner and continue the party in the real, it is not my recommendation of course.

Where to dine

Once after 10:30 p.m. it is time to go to dinner. The most reliable and atmospheric option in this area is Bodegas El Pimpi (www.elpipi.com), a classic in the city and a must-see. With multiple rooms it offers a tapas menu at moderate prices. They serve fast and you can find a table as the turnover is high. Don't forget to take a picture with the blue goat in the yard.
After dinner we can go back to the pubs and have a drink, but the intensity of people will have dropped a lot. I do not recommend going to bed later than 2 if we want to perform the next day.

These are the recommendations on what to do at the Malaga fair, we hope you enjoy it!